The NRRL for the 2022 season will consist of nine races :

Silverstone 10km              May 9th… completed

Weedon   10km                June 21st…completed 

Corby       5mile                June 29th…completed 

Blisworth 5 mile              July 8th,,,,completed

Wellingborough 5 mile     July 10th….completed

Sunset 5km (Desborough)    Aug 14th (6:30pm)

Northampton HM               Sep 25th

Rugby    10 mile               Oct 9th   

Daventry 10km                 Oct 16th

Full Rules for 2022     2022 Road Running League rules

2022 standings after three races

2022 Individual(2)         2022 NRRL teams



Final Standings for 2021

2021 NRRL Individual     Includes Trophy winners N.B. 4 races required to qualify. An individual can only win one trophy

2021 NRRL teams

Winners since 2007 below (note some of the rules were different in 2007/2008, but these are the winners as were given then)



Final Standings for 2019 below

2019 Individual               2019 Team

Final Standings for 2018 below

Individual   2018 Individual (2)         Team:     2018 Team(2)

Final standings for 2017 below

2017 Individual          2017 Team(2)

Final  NRRL standings for 2016 including trophy winners

2016-Individual-NRRL                  2016 team2

Final Standings including trophy winners for 2015

2015 Final Individual      2015 team

Final Standings for 2014 :   2014 Individual winners        NRRL team 2014