This page contains information about Northants Athletic association

The NAA committee for 2017/18 as agreed at the AGM which took place on March 21st

President                                                       Tricia Garner

Chairman                                                       Terry Egan

Vice Chairman                                               Host Club – Rotating

Hon. Secretary                                                Host Club – Rotating – Correspondence .. Tricia Garner

Hon. Treasurer                                               Graham Curtis

Hon. Auditor                                                   Chris Curtis

Sportshall Secretary                                      None

Road Running Secretary                              Mike Burgoyne

Officials Secretary                                         Graham Curtis

Statistics/Trophies Secretary                     Mike Burgoyne

Team Manager   T&F   Male                       Mark  Wall

Team Manager    T&F   Female                  Mark Wall

Team  Manager   XC   Male                         Tricia Garner

Team Manager    XC  Female                      Jon Thompson

NAA Webmaster                                            Mike Burgoyne

Please find the dates for the NAA meetings for the rest of 2017 -18

- 20 March              Corby  (Also AGM)

- 19 April               Kettering
- 15 May                 Higham
- 19  June              Wootton
- 17 July                 Wellingborough
- 18 September     Northampton

- 16 October          Corby

- 20 November    Kettering
- 11 December      Higham

- 15 January (2018) Wootton

- 19 February          Wellingborough

- 19 March         Northampton (includes AGM)

Clubs are invited (indeed encouraged) to send representatives to these meetings. Meetings usually start at 7.30pm

Our constitution can be viewed here NAA constitution